Environmental protection is one of the key values of Tercial, which is a member of BOST group. In cooperation with Slovak universities, it has developed a modern and innovative system of wastewater treatment using membrane bioreactors. Water Beast 700 is a modern container wastewater treatment plant with a treatment capacity of 100 m3/day, which is sufficient for approx. 700 PE (population equivalents).

Water Beast treatment plants achieve exceptionally high and stable treatment values over a long period. The treatment plants are suitable wherever it is too expensive to build a multi-kilometre long connection to existing sewage networks, in areas with increased environmental protection and where the construction time and the size of the built-up area play an important role.

BOST Group was founded in 1990 as BOST Vladimír Bielik based on experience in the area of automation and CNC machines. For 25 years we have been listening to and solving problems of our clients active in various industries

In 2015, the company divided its activities into various areas according to the focus or project specialisation. Former BOST managers work as partners and executives in the management of the firms, which ensures value and knowledge continuity. During the division process, a structure was created allowing the foundation of new spin-off companies with the Group‘s capital and know-how support.

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