Proposal for the location of Water Beast 700 in the vicinity of a protected landscape area

A typical site for embedding a container WWTP with a MBR is an agglomeration of minor municipalities and settlements in mountain areas with recreational facilities with sports facilities, hotels and hostels. This is an opportunity to reuse well cleaned water and also a possibility to retain it in the area. The dewatered stabilised sludge produced from the WWTP is suitable for use in local compost plants and for agricultural purposes in plant production.

Features of the treatment plant

a very short manufacture, installation and commissioning time, 3-6 months

high treatment efficiency, for some indicators up to 99%

use of cleaned water as service water, the possibility of discharge into low-flow watercourses

possibility of funding through EU funds, banks and leasing

saving of costs related to the construction of a system of concrete tanks

fully automatic and almost unattended operation

an application for remote control and for checking the condition from a PC, smartphone or tablet

built-up area compared to conventional WWTPs and low construction costs

Possible use of the treatment plant


areas with an increased level of environmental protection

crisis areas

commercial objects

industrial objects

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PhDr. Norbert Skyrčák

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